Our Michigan Adventures


Those that know me well. Know my love for Michigan and that I am a wine enthusiast. I wanted to share some of the highlights from our Michigan Adventures. We stayed for a week which wasn’t long enough to see all of our family and friends. But for Sydney, I think a week was too long. Harrison could have stayed another week.

I enjoyed a 11:00 pm Kroger visit with Diana. Oh, how I missed Kroger. I think my Kroger card probably still worked. I think I was like a kid in the candy store when I came across the wine aisle. Yes, wine in the grocery store. Mama is home!!!

We traveled downtown to Detroit. The city looks amazing. New lofts, a mini sand beach and tiki bar, new restaurants and sporting venues. Seeing people walking in the city,  and looking across the water at Canada was wonderful to experience. I didn’t make it to The Eastern Market. But I will do that next time.

Driving down Woodward was like being on my own Woodward Dream Cruise. So many new buildings. Some attractions were not there any more, but the memories are still in my head. When we went back to our hometown of Southfield, that was emotional. Passing the library that Sydney was denied a library card, passing McVees our local family restaurant were hard to see. The kids loved driving on 696 and seeing The Detroit Zoo and other landmarks.

I enjoyed our favorite foods from Michigan. Faygo, Better Made Chips, and Bumpy Cake just to name a few were delicious. Harrison loved going by St. Hugo and seeing his best friend Eli. That made me the happiest. It was also great seeing him hang out with boys his own age and not focus on Syd.

When Syd wasn’t trying to kill fish. She enjoyed playing and interacting with others.

I had a chance to see Bishop Foley and my friends from the class of 1990. I had a chance to see my family and it felt like we still lived in Michigan. It was such a wonderful experience. My cousins Carmen and Hannah were wonderful hosts.  Can’t forget my Auntie Shirley, who has been a second mom to me. That time with them was precious.   During this trip I had time to reflect, forgive, and release demons from my past. I left Michigan with tears in my eyes. But I left Michigan on my terms this time and that was an empowering feeling.

We’ve been friends since we were kids.  Love this family to pieces.  

Every person that we saw told me that I made the best decision for our family. They gave me encouraging words to keep going. My friend Jen gave me a beautiful bracelet with the word “Faith” on it. All of the negative memories that I was holding on about Michigan have vanished. The past is really the past.

I told the kids we will visit Michigan every summer. I hope to sneak away to Michigan for a visit without the kids. And anyone that we didn’t see on our last trip. We will see you all first next time.

Detroit, Michigan was my home for twenty years. Southfield, Michigan was where I started my family. My heart belongs to the Mitten. Until next time Pure Michigan.

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