I’m Every Woman

It doesn’t matter which version of the song you listen to, Chaka Khan or Whitney Houston. I’m Every Woman was a theme song for women back in the day. It was an anthem, a promise and a statement of the powerful role of women. I’ve been asked where do I see myself in five years? … More I’m Every Woman

One Inch

The scale is still the devil. I’m tapping the scale, standing to the edge, changing the batteries and the numbers are different every time. So that’s why I say. Get behind me Satan!!! This summer has been the summer of Brooke. I love me! It took me a long time to realize that it is … More One Inch

A Quick Reminder

This is a quick reminder that you are amazing. And if you’re waiting on someone else to validate you. Stop waiting. You know your worth. You write your own story. If you want a plot twist add one. If you want to change the ending. Then make it happen. Don’t live life as a predictable … More A Quick Reminder

Baggage Claim

If you had to pay for all the baggage you are carrying. Would you still be hauling it around with you? If your baggage could only weigh so much and the bag must be the perfect dimensions to fit inside the overhead compartment. Would you still carry it? We are all guilty of carrying extra … More Baggage Claim