3 Women 3 Bottles of Wine


Being a wine enthusiast doesn’t mean I love to drink wine. It means that I love writing about wine. Who am I kidding? Yes, I love to drink wine.

The acidity, the winery, the vintage, the wine region and the grapes. It is like learning the history that is stored in a bottle. It’s like a love story. The day I began journaling about wine, was another indicator of my love for writing. I was writing about a wine pairing dinner event that I attended. Each course was paired with a perfect wine. It was that night, when I found the beauty in a glass of wine and how wine and friends make the perfect combination.


When I was in Michigan I had a chance to catch up with my girl friends. One of the best evenings was an impromptu girls night in. As the three of us sat on the deck taking in all of the beauty that nature has to offer. We knew we were missing one thing. Bring out the wine. Diana and Jen reminded me of my blog about my struggle to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. From one wine enthusiast to another. I’ve learned that there’s nothing wrong with a screw top bottle of wine.


We enjoyed Robert Mondavi Chardonnay. We started talking about the past and where we are at now in our lives. We weren’t having a complaining party. We were talking about the joys of life, and motherhood. We talked about the struggles in keeping it all together and finding the perfect balance.

There’s nothing better than being around friends who love you and enjoying laughs, sharing wisdom along with a great bottle of wine. The stories we shared that night were great. Watching the sunset in Michigan brought up many memories. Time to open another bottle. And we did.


I probably talked more than they did. But they will never know how grateful I am for their listening ears that night. Coming home to Michigan was hard for me. It wasn’t until day 5 that I realized that we didn’t really live there anymore. We would have to go back home to Delaware in two days.


My head was spinning and not from the wine. I needed to tie up some loose ends before I left. And I wasn’t quite sure what the outcome would be. Just being able to relax, relate and release with friends who don’t judge was comforting. We all have our battles. We all struggle. We all need shoulders to cry on.

The next time you want to catch up with friends that you haven’t seen in a long time. You don’t have to hit the bar. Grab a nice bottle of wine. Gnarly Head Chardonnay is a great wine under $10, in case you need a wine suggestion. Gather your girls and enjoy some wine and wisdom time. Be safe and turn it into a slumber party!




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