Device Free Day


No matter how hard I try. Sydney gets more attention than Harrison. There it is. I said it. So you don’t have to ask me or hint around the subject anymore. I am fully aware of my current situation.

Every day I feel guilty that Harrison suffers.  Maybe suffers isn’t the best word to use. For two years after my divorce. I despised my ex for putting my in this situation. One day I realized that I was doing everything anyway and I could not stop now.

Harrison is a home body like me. Lately, my sissy has been taking him out for different events. She also takes Sydney for sleepovers. That way Harrison and I can do things together. When Sydney is at summer school. Harrison likes to hang out with me. But sometimes I think he likes being at home alone while I run an errand. Then there are days when Sydney gets on the bus for summer school.  Then Harrison and I go back to sleep. We are making up for lost time.

Last week Harrison and I spent the entire day together. We also agreed that it would be a device free day. Our cell phones were on vibrate. We could only answer calls if they were from Sydney’s school or something important.


I think that we both struggled at first. I admit that. Text messages were coming through and I didn’t respond. No music or headphones for Harrison either. We drove through downtown Middletown and he acted like he had never seen it before. We made a few stops and walked around a bit.

Being a blogger means when I see something.  I can feel a blog coming on. I needed to take a picture, selfie and take a few notes to write down my title. But not today, it was device free day.

Our happiest vacation ever!

Harrison and I talked about the future, ate lunch and laughed a lot. He also shared with me how sad it makes him when people make fun of Sydney at school or in public. He can’t understand why people are not accepting of others. I fought back the tears and talked in depth with him about the world we live in today. Harrison appreciated the time that we spent together.

One thing I know for sure. My children know that I love them with all of my heart.  They come first!  Everything I do is for our family.  The smiles on their faces are the best gifts.

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