Find Your Balance


Time management is crucial in my life. But it was this summer that I realized that there was something better than time management. It was finding my balance.

Finding your balance is essential to your happiness. If you find your balance and are still stressing about what you are not doing. Then you still have some improvements to make.

Sleep has been a blessing for me. I have more energy now to go out with the kids and exercise. I realized that my physical and mental health were top priority.

I accepted that I can’t do everything in one day and that’s okay. I prioritize. Family has always comes  first for me. Harrison and Sydney know that I need some time alone. They know I won’t just leave them with anyone. God has placed some amazing people in our lives that are willing to watch them for me.

The start of a new school year will be the real test if I have accomplished the perfect balance for my life. Now I am obsessed with scheduling everything. I schedule my workout days, the kids therapy sessions, my blog time, my GNO time, my dates. I need a sitter for Friday for a few hours.  Just in case you are interested.  I scheduled the activities that we will do as a family. Also, I scheduled activities for just Harrison and I.

I am my own accountability partner for finding my balance between all of the roles that I have. Mommy, teacher, blogger,…….

Take the time to find your balance.

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