If You’re Happy And You Know It


There was a time when I didn’t know what happiness felt like. I was smiling all of the time. But I was far from happy. I became accustomed to hearing bad news, being rejected, and having obstacles thrown at me from every direction. To me that was a part of adulthood.

Happiness was the last thing on my mind because I had forgotten the last time I was truly happy. I was in survival mode. Trying to navigate autism, teaching, being a wife, mother and Brooke. I admit I believed that I wasn’t supposed to be happy.

I remember the day when happiness entered my soul again. It was my 40th Birthday. I had my girls with me and sissy flew in from Delaware. I was surrounded by so much love that I couldn’t stop smiling. I was determined to enjoy that moment and not worry about the next bad thing that would happen to me.

Finally, I realized that I was bringing all of that negativity in my life. I began to appreciate the smallest things that made me happy. Now when good things happen and I feel happy. I enjoy it and thank God. They say bad things happen in 3’s. For me it was like 3 times 33. I couldn’t catch a break.

Now I refuse not to be happy each day. I went through more hell than most will experience in a lifetime. Don’t be like me waiting on the next disappointment. Embrace happiness and cherish the memories that it brings you.

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