Five Minutes


It only took five minutes, three hundred seconds. The entire interaction that would dictate my mood for the day. I am angry at myself for having my guard down. I am angry for allowing something that didn’t deserve my full attention to ruin my day.

Has that ever happened to you? You might experience something and then you milk that situation for the entire day. Why can’t we just let it go? I am one that needs closure. If I can’t speak to the person about it. Then I must write it down to release it from my spirit.

When we find ourselves in this situation. We have to tell everyone that we encounter about that five minutes, three hundred seconds. I had to learn that I was the one that was making the situation worse. I had to keep reliving that moment over and over again in my head. And telling everyone about my experience. But why?

Each time I shared the story it wasn’t helping me to let it go. I was adding more fuel to my fire. I struggled changing my mindset when troubling situations crossed my path. Now I see how I was wrong for “milking” a situation for an entire day. I wasted my time and energy on things that weren’t worth it.

As I approach my 46th birthday. I am looking at my life and my situations differently. There are many things that I can do for five minutes, three hundred seconds. Dwelling on drama will not be one of them.

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