My Cup Runneth Over


Our family meetings never disappoint. There are always funny moments, tears, and even some yelling at times. But we always end with a prayer to encourage us.

Autism also provides us with the same emotions and reactions. I can’t help but smile when I watch The Good Doctor. When I see Dr. Murphy do certain things. I chuckle and think. Wow, that’s just like Sydney.

At our last family meeting I was talking with the kids about having a better attitude in our situations. I talked about seeing the glass as half full and not half empty. We also talked about how God says our cup runs over. And that goodness and mercy will follow us.

Well these two statements had the wheels turning for Sydney. I could tell she was trying hard to process everything that I was saying. I am glad that we have these family meetings. They aren’t long, but just a brief time to share our thoughts and feelings.

Ever since our family meeting. I reminded them to make sure they see their cup as full and not half empty. Sydney has been obsessed and took my information literally. Now when she pours her juice. The glass has to be full. All the way to the rim of her glass.

She even makes sure that the cup runneth over so that a little juice spills. So she can say “Look my cup runneth over.” Sydney’s brain works differently. But her brain works. She has an eye for certain things and it truly amazes me.

I try to make it a point to be careful with my word choice with her. I’m sure there were many times that she was confused and didn’t understand what I was saying to her. Those are the days that we embrace autism. That I look back and smile at the progress that we have made as a family. It reminds me that autism doesn’t go away. Hopefully our road that we are traveling will get easier and we won’t have many bumps along the way.

Do you see the cup as half empty or half full?   #belikesyd

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