You Better Not Eat a Tide Pod

A40F984E-009E-4A3E-83FB-AFE99ABCABCAHe used to talk my ear off. Ask me questions about my day. Complain about moving to Delaware and ask me if Sydney would be autistic forever.
Things are different lately. He still talks but only in one word answers. Is this a teenage thing? How much do I pry? I can always check his phone. I pay the bill so I can check. If I didn’t pay the bill and he still lived in my house. I would check the phone.
Friends keep telling me that teenage boys are like this. They love to eat, are messy, play their video games and don’t talk much. I am like that at times when I don’t want to socialize and need time to think. If things are difficult for me at a particular time. I often keep it to myself before sharing with others.
He seems different today. Did something happen at school? Or on the bus? Did he earn a bad grade at school and he doesn’t want to share? Or is it just hormones? Jesus take the wheel.
Enough of the guessing game. I am going in to make him talk whether he likes it or not. “Harrison, you are not about to eat a tide pod are you?”
I guess I was overreacting. He immediately said, “Mom that is so crazy. I wouldn’t do anything like that.” Well, I had to make sure that things were good on his end.


Later that day we went to visit family. He was talkative, happy and eating all of  the pizza. He came up to me and said “Mom, I just think I needed to be around family.” I can understand that. Sometimes I just need to go to my parents house just because.

Harrison’s heart is kind and loving. He carries the weight of the world and he doesn’t need to. I’m so proud of him for working with the Sunshine Foundation. He is always thinking of ways to help others.

Raising children is hard. Raising teenagers is challenging. He knows that he can talk with me when he needs to do so. I need to stop being so dramatic or do I?

When I have a parenting fail. I will learn from it and do better next time. Adulting is hard. But I wouldn’t want to be a teenager now.

He will be fine. I won’t let doubt and society make me think otherwise.

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