From Frozen to Paris

I think I hold on to everything princess because Disney Princesses was what brought Sydney back to us. Her love of being a Princess and teaching herself how to read Disney Princess books was amazing to see. When she decorated her room with princess decals and Frozen posters, I thought it was cute. She loved it and she was happy.

Now that she is 14 years old and a freshman in high school I’m still holding on to everything princess because autism allows me to do so. We have been slowly changing her room to a Paris theme. The hold up with all of this is all on me. If I let go of Frozen I let go of my little girl.

This past weekend when Syd got her hair done at the salon. She was a different person. She loved her new look and I loved it too. I must admit the two braids or Afro puff may have been a little outdated. She received many compliments from her teachers about her hairstyle today and it reminded me that Syd wants to grow up and maybe I have been holding her back. Maybe it’s time to do away with Frozen and welcome Paris. It’s not the end of the world but the beginning of a new one.

Change is hard, but necessary.



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