Hope and Healing

For couples battling infertility. 

Children are a true gift from God. After getting married my ex-husband said that he wanted seven children. Yikes! We compromised and decided that two would be good. At that time I wouldn’t know that we would face the struggle of infertility. As a woman I felt the shame because the “problem” was with me. I can remember having so many surgeries due to my fibroid tumors. After my last procedure the doctor informed us that my Fallopian tubes were blunted and one was blocked. We were told that it was no way that we could conceive a child on our own. And if by the slim chance we did, it would result in an ectopic pregnancy.
Hearing this news was devastating. After a few days of tears. I began my research. I read books on IVF, and adoption. We saw a fertility specialist and after hearing our success rate and the cost of the procedure. We knew that IVF would not be an option for us. Another devastating blow for newlyweds.
I began reading 1Samuel in the bible and the story of Hannah and her desire to bare a child. I did find comfort in those scriptures. I also read the book Supernatural Childbirth. This book was a wonderful resource. It included prayers and affirmations, stories of women who survived miscarriages, women who were able to conceive and women that decided to be a mother without giving birth.
Finally we decided that if God would bless us with children, that He would do it in His timing. Since I was a teacher, I felt like a mother all day. I made peace with my infertility. I kept living and thanking God. I vowed to be the best auntie, godmother and teacher to the children in my life.
After four long years, Harrison Noah was born two months early weighing on 2lbs. 14oz. Two years later Sydney Gabrielle was born. These were my two miracles from heaven. What I didn’t know was that both pregnancies would be extremely difficult and life threatening. So when God blessed us with a son and a daughter, we were thankful. I immediately told my ex-husband that it was time for him to go get snipped snipped and he did.

You see God knew that I needed four years to get my mind and body prepared to be a mother. My motherhood journey has been a rewarding and demanding road. Harrison spent two months in the NICU. Sydney was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy at the age of three. When I think about some of the days we have it feels like I have seven children, now that I’m a single mom. image
I want to leave you with some ways that you can encourage someone that may be in a similar situation.
-Be supportive and listen. They need to share their feelings.
-Don’t tell them just to go and adopt a child. That has to be a decision that the couple must make together.
-Don’t be afraid to mention the word baby around them. They won’t break.

If you are facing infertility- love your spouse and enjoy each day. Stay in prayer, you will know which direction to go. Miracles do happen. I’m living proof of that.

Believe in the impossible.

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