Batter Up

Hitting a curveball takes skill and precision. You have to keep your eye on the ball. You can either learn how to swerve or knock the ball out of the park. You might be facing a curveball that you weren’t expecting and it has you frozen in fear and disappointment. How will you handle the … More Batter Up

A Woman’s Work

Today I celebrate my three year blogaversary. June 30th was the day I decided to share years worth of journals and my life experiences with all of you. I’m blessed to have met many people on my blogging journey. People have shared with me that they have been inspired to blog about topics that they … More A Woman’s Work

A Reality Check

The older I get the wiser I get, and the shorter my patience is for nonsense. I didn’t have this much drama in high school. It’s sad when you find out that someone who claimed to be in your corner really didn’t have your best interest at heart. We all struggle and go through periods … More A Reality Check