It’s My Anniversary

I didn’t realize the date was October 16th until my bestie from Michigan called to remind me. October 16th was the day of love, my wedding date back in 1999. For a good laugh I tried on my wedding dress last night and Syd literally hollered and her echolalia was on point!! “This is a … More It’s My Anniversary

A Mother’s Love

Harrison Noah made me a mommy when I was thirty years old, that was seventeen years ago. I admit I had given up hope of becoming a mom. Fibroid tumors, scar tissue and blocked Fallopian tubes would be the reasons why. I think God made me wait four years to make sure that I was … More A Mother’s Love

Jesus Take The Ferris Wheel And The Waffle Fries

I called on Jesus so much on Wednesday. I’m sure He doesn’t want to hear from me again until Thanksgiving! Wednesday our family accomplished major victories. You can never plan enough for autism and I learned that sometimes all of my planning makes things worse. I thought back to last year when Sydney and I … More Jesus Take The Ferris Wheel And The Waffle Fries

Positive Vibes

Good Morning friends!!! I’m blogging from the waiting room at the doctor’s office. This will be a quick reminder to focus on the positive and understand the importance of self care. Self care is the new buzz word but for me it is my aha moment. For the past six months I’ve devoted my focus … More Positive Vibes

Batter Up

Hitting a curveball takes skill and precision. You have to keep your eye on the ball. You can either learn how to swerve or knock the ball out of the park. You might be facing a curveball that you weren’t expecting and it has you frozen in fear and disappointment. How will you handle the … More Batter Up

A Woman’s Work

Today I celebrate my three year blogaversary. June 30th was the day I decided to share years worth of journals and my life experiences with all of you. I’m blessed to have met many people on my blogging journey. People have shared with me that they have been inspired to blog about topics that they … More A Woman’s Work