They Smile In Your Face


It hurts to get stabbed in the back by a friend, a coworker, a neighbor,  a family member or a spouse.  You need to think of God’s love and not respond immediately. When someone offends me as hard as it is, I don’t respond right away.  I wait at least 24 hours before I respond and interact with them.  You never want to act on raw emotion.  Seriously, you need to find your quiet spot and pray about the situation before you respond.

Our human response is to seek revenge.  We want that person to hurt just like we are hurting. I don’t want to hear about you and your voodoo and your heebie jeebies, or trying to put the “root on them” like they talk about in the South.  That does not work. While writing this blog,  I was not thinking about my ex-husband at all.  Well,  maybe just a little bit.  I was thinking about people who I have encountered in my life.  I honestly don’t think that people intentionally try to “stab you in the back”.  I think sometimes competition is high, and everyone wants to shine and look better than others.  I applaud excelling and being your personal best. But not at the expense of stepping on the backs of others to reach your fame and glory. The same people you stepped on will be the same ones that pass you as you fall.

When I lived in Michigan I had a coworker that “stabbed me in the back”.  I was hurt and embarrassed.  It was my first year at the school and I kept thinking I haven’t even been here long enough for me to piss her off.  I didn’t respond. I went home and prayed and I recalled the scripture in Romans 12:19.  Now, I was not wishing bodily harm on this person. I just wanted her to realize that her actions hurt me personally.  In this particular situation, the coworker came to me at the end of the school year.  The coworker informed me that she was having trouble sleeping at night and upon awakening my face would appear. Creepy right? This is when I heard the Twilight theme song playing in my head. This coworker shared that she didn’t know why she was “out to get me”.  Her words not mine.  But, overtime she asked for my forgiveness. And of course I forgave her.

You see I had been praying for God to touch my soul and my coworker.  It didn’t happen overnight but it happened.  See you have to take your worries to God and He will fight for you.  He will make your enemies your footstool. You will rise above them because of grace and mercy.  As an adult, I have to go back  and talk to people when I have wronged them.  You might not even think that your actions or words have been upsetting to someone until you reflect on your day. We all sin.  But we can always ask for forgiveness. Don’t repay evil with evil.

Be honest. How many of you are singing Backstabbers by The O’Jays now? If you don’t know that song, YouTube it!









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