This Is Just My Opinion Toni


Toni Braxton told the world that her son has been cured.  He no longer has Autism.  First let me say this was a very difficult topic for me to address.  When blogging on this topic, the flow of my writing wasn’t steady like it normally is.  I stopped, deleted, and couldn’t stop shaking my head while typing.

Everyone knows how much effort I have put into Sydney’s diagnosis.  I am not in denial about her Autism, not ashamed but thankful that God gave Sydney to me.  You know I am a believer of miracles.  So in Toni’s  mind,  if she has received a miracle.  Then bless her heart.

Some of Toni Braxton’s earlier comments about her son and autism were that she thought his autism was a punishment from her previous abortion.  She felt that she did something wrong.  Parents of children with autism listen to me.   You did not do anything wrong.  Embrace your child and don’t focus on how to  “fix” them. 

I believe that early intervention is the key.  I started working with Sydney when she 18 months old. Don’t think I could have started any earlier than that and today my baby girl still has autism.  See I am not trying to fix Sydney or change her. My focus in on teaching her and exposing her to the world around her.  She won’t be a kid forever.  She will need to be independent and able to function in the world as an adult.

Toni said she is one of the lucky ones.  Well Toni, I am one of the lucky ones too.  I have seen my  daughter talk after being non verbal for six years of her life. I have seen my daughter compete in special olympics, ride a bike, play with a friend,  and have a successful trip to the grocery store. Toni, I am lucky because I heard her say Mommy I love you and give me a hug.  I have seen her relationship with her brother grow just like  “normal” siblings. Sydney has been hospitalized many times for her seizures yet she still manages to smile.   I could go on about how lucky I am.  Today, Sydney still has autism.

Are children being misdiagnosed with autism?  Did Toni’s son recover from one symptom of autism?  She said he’s a social butterfly and that means he no longer has autism?  Autism is a neurological disorder.  The spectrum for autism is wide.  What works for one family might not work for us.  I can respect your treatment for your child, so please respect my treatment for Sydney.

I would have loved for Toni Braxton to do an hour long interview.  Show footage of her son at three and have him included in the interview.  Talk about some of the other difficulties he faced. Explain all of the early intervention services she used, provide a cheat sheet to guide families on this journey.  Was her son in speech, physical, occupational, and sensory integration therapy and what were his cognitive abilities?  If her main concern is that he is now  a social butterfly, than sorry Toni I am not buying it.  Maybe she needed a better statement to share with the world about Autism.

When I hear that children have “recovered” from autism, to me that is the same as stating they have been cured. What am I doing wrong? What have I missed? Why isn’t this working for Sydney?  Oh, I remember because it is God’s will not MY will. That is why I have made peace with autism. My worry is for the young couple that hears her interview and goes in debt to fix/cure their child. Because, in their minds, if it worked for Toni Braxton than it must work for us too.  People will listen to her interview and think that having a child with autism is a bad thing.

I haven’t seen any changes with Sydney with a gluten-free diet. Others families swear by it.  Don’t get me wrong I hope to one day blog and tell you that Sydney is seizure free and has only one meltdown a year!  But Sydney will still have autism.  Other symptoms will still be present.  The success is looking back at where we started and where we still have room to grow.

If you cured your child’s autism, I am very happy for you and celebrate with you.  Maybe you only had one area to improve and that is why  your child is cured. For the parent that has many components of autism to work on we aren’t searching for a cure.  We are searching for better services, better insurance coverage, and a partnership with the community and acceptance.

You may disagree with me and that is fine.  This is how I am feeling now about the situation.  My prayer is that Sydney’s communication continues to improve because that is where her frustration stems from.  On that day when her communication improves drastically and no longer hinders her daily living.   I will share it with you.  But Sydney will still have autism.


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