Faith Like A Mustard Seed


When I was younger I heard my mother say to people, “Have faith like a mustard seed” and “Faith can move mountains, everything will work out.”  It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that she was quoting scriptures from The Bible. But I still needed her to explain what she meant by those statements.

What is faith?  Do you have faith?  When you say you have faith that things will work out in your favor.  Do you believe it? I am alive and well today because I learned the hard way how to increase my faith.

You see I had to believe in things that others said were impossible.  When doctors said I wouldn’t have children, I needed faith.  When Harrison was in the NICU and they said he would have a long road ahead of him, I needed faith.  When I received Sydney’s diagnosis of autism and epilepsy I had to increase my faith.

There are many stories that I could share with you about how I relied on my faith to get me through  some troubling times.  Thinking back on my life I recall that I felt lost and hopeless. When I felt that way  I would search the bible for scriptures on faith.  Faith like David, faith like the disciples feeding multitudes with only a few fish and loaves of bread.  I needed that kind of faith in order for me to go on.

When I moved to Delaware and began to look for a job,  this required me to remain hopeful.  This is when I had faith like a tiny mustard seed.  My children were in an amazing school district.  I was told by people that I had no chance of getting a job in that district and that I should go look elsewhere. I applied to be a substitute teacher in Appoquinimink School District, where my children attended.  While I waited to hear back from them. I was offered a job in another school district.  But when I went to sign the papers, my spirit did not feel at peace and I turned the position down.  My faith was increasing.


By the time I made it back home I received a call from the HR department, from Appoquinimink Schools, that I was being hired for as a substitute and to come in and complete my paperwork.  I stepped out on faith by walking away from one position but I felt at peace.

I began substituting at different schools. I taught PE, fifth grade, kindergarten, and third grade. I enjoyed going to the different buildings and working with a diverse  group of children.  One morning I received a call to work at Old State Elementary School as a one on one para-professional in first grade for a student with disabilities.

This entire process was a  humbling experience for me.  I was glad to work in the classroom with a great teacher named Lisa.  That one day assignment turned into a two week assignments, that turned into a four month assignment.

Everyday I walked into that building I would praise God in advance.  I would say “Thank you Lord for my job in this building”.  “Thank you Lord that I will have my own classroom,” I was walking by faith. I was claiming my victory and there wasn’t even a job opening yet.  Sometimes you have to write your vision down and breathe it into your spirit.

The story has a happy ending because I was hired to teach second grade at Old State Elementary.  So many people asked me  who I knew to get hired. Who was I related to?   How did I get hired so quickly since I just moved to Delaware?  I responded calmly and said “I  know Jesus”.  And that stopped them in their tracks.

Friends, have faith that your marriage will be healed, that your child will be obedient, that a loved one will love the Lord, that you will have peace on your job, that your finances will increase.  You have power to move mountains with your faith.  Don’t give up.

Faith without works is dead. James 2:14-26

 You have to work at what you want and believe that you will receive it.

P.S. You don’t  have to tell everyone what you are believing for either. Sometimes you need to keep it to yourself.












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