Daddy’s Home


If you have been following my blog, you know that I was married for 14 years.  My divorce was finalized three years ago in June and my ex-husband lives in Michigan. Last week for Sydney’s birthday my children had a chance to see their father. I’m not sure if he was like the protocol son in the Bible returning home or if he finally realized it was “cheaper to keep her”.   That is besides the point. I would never deny him the right to see his children.

I admit to being a helicopter parent during his visit.  NO, he didn’t stay at my house.  The children had time to spend with him and they enjoyed seeing their father.  For Sydney I was concerned that she would struggle saying goodbye to her dad when he left.  She surprised me again and was fine.

Harrison showed his father how he handles autism and advocates for it daily. He talked about his experience with the youth academy and how much he learned.  Also, he had many questions for his dad and I was very proud of him for talking with this dad “man to man”. The teacher in me gave their dad a schedule to follow of things I wanted him to discuss with each child.  I also gave him prompts to create conversations with Sydney.  Any business that I needed to discuss with him I saved for later.  This was his time with his children.

I was so proud of myself for being classy not trashy!  Sydney had been planning her birthday for a month so I wanted her day to be special.  Harrison also had a chance to celebrate his birthday with his dad too.


When I saw their dad I didn’t see him as my ex-husband. I saw him as Harrison and Sydney’s  father.  Our history together never crossed my mind. My mind is always on what is best for my children.  I did let him know about my blog and my memoir that I am  writing.  I told him I was being completely honest about our marriage and asked if there was anything that he wanted me to leave out. I told him to speak now or forever hold your peace!  Stay tuned.


One classy baby mamma!


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