Signs of Autism Part Two

I immediately began all of the recommended therapy for Sydney.  They put more labels on my child than a clearance item at Target.  But I didn’t mind the labels because I knew that she would get the maximum intervention and services provided.  She was in a preschool for children with developmental delays.  I must admit I wasn’t seeing any progress for the first few months.  It was very frustrating and depressing.  Rob wasn’t fully on board with autism so that was another battle I was facing. Autism, however was not the cause of my divorce.

Sydney was diagnosed with epilepsy shortly after the autism diagnosis.

I began researching everything and reading everything.  I couldn’t let embarrassment stop me. Sydney’s behavior was out of control. She never slept and we hardly ever left the house. I had to find resources in our community.  I later found The Judson Center and The Friendship Circle which were great resources for us. Being surrounded with other families like us made us feel comfortable and safe. I lost a lot friends and that hurt me deeply.

I worked with Sydney for two and half years before I received the official diagnosis of autism.  Even though I thought I was prepared for the diagnosis, I wasn’t.  It still hit me like a ton of bricks.  But I am still thankful for Dr. Chugani and his gentle spirit for breaking the news that I already knew in my heart.

A word of caution if you suspect that a family member has a child with a disability, tread lightly.  Not everyone is ready to hear that information, especially if you come across aggressive or cruel. Feel free to use me to deliver the message. Tell them about my blog and our life with autism. I will be the autism messenger for you.

If you have a friend or a family member that received a new diagnosis about their child.  The best thing you can do is pray for them.  Be supportive and offer to help. Please don’t tell them to do what Toni Braxton did to cure her son.  It may take them a long time to open up like I did.  But trust me they want to accept your help and let you in, they just don’t want the criticism and judgement.


Once I accepted that Syd is a gift from a God, and that she has a purpose to change people’s lives I was at peace with autism.

From a Mother Warrior,


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