Momma’s Boy


After six pregnancy tests that all said positive/pregnant. I realized that God had answered my prayers.  How ironic that I was in Delaware visiting my family when I found out that I was pregnant with you.  I couldn’t wait to return to Michigan to share the news with your dad.  My pregnancy was considered high risk.  I would have multiple ultrasounds and had your c-section scheduled for December 4, 2002.

Just because my prayers were answered didn’t mean that I could stop praying.  I believe that it was because of my prayers that God was with us on October 8, 2002.  On the day you were born it was the best and the worst of my life.  A simple office visit turned into a trip to the hospital because of elevated blood pressure and I was put on immediate bedrest. But after 45 minutes at the hospital I was told that you were in danger and would be delivered within the hour. All I could think about was it is not time.  It was two months early and my mommy wasn’t with me. Harrison, you weighed 2lbs. 14 oz and stayed three months in the NICU.  I only caught a quick glimpse of you before they took you away. I would have to wait 24 hours until I could visit you. And even longer before we could hold you.

Harrison, I want you to know that you are loved by many because of your kind, loving and caring spirit.  You truly want the best for everyone.  You love and accept all people.  Everyday you make me so very proud.  I am glad that you are my momma’s boy.  Always remember that nothing is impossible.





Kicking off his birthday celebration with a fresh haircut and a phone upgrade. Happy 14th!



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