Oh no! I’m Still In My Pajamas


Mornings can run smoothly or we can have some unforeseen bumps in the road.  I prepare as much as possible for my kids the night before.  I think of all of the possible triggers that could affect Sydney.  Sometimes no matter how much planning I do.  All it takes is one thing, sound, breakfast choice, or not locating ????????, that can cause our morning routine to flash before my eyes.

Harrison and Sydney both take medicine in the morning. There are times when Harry needs a breathing treatment due to his asthma and I feel like Florence Nightingale. Breakfast is the same for both kids so that is never a problem unless I don’t have the preferred menu items.

One morning everything that could go wrong went wrong.  I like to get myself dressed before the kids.  Just in case I need to take the kids to the school at the last-minute or if I need to get to work early for a meeting.

Harrison’s iPad didn’t fully charged and he was freaking out about getting written up at school.  Syd was pouring juice for everyone and one of the glasses tipped over and juice went everywhere. Now we both had to change clothes before the bus came.  When she walked downstairs she looked like Tina Turner with a mini dress on.  I started thinking if I send her to school like this that’s a dress code violation for sure.

Now my heart is racing and I am in panic mode. I am yelling for Harrison to search through the laundry basket and bring a pair of shorts or leggings for Syd, while I mopped the kitchen floor.  I’ve done more than most people do in a day and it was only 6:20 am.  After mopping I just grabbed pajamas from the laundry basket to wear so I could finish getting everyone ready.

Harrison had his breathing treatment, Sydney had on appropriate clothes and everyone was happy.  I was calm and feeling very comfy.  We finished our morning routine and I tried not to think of the mess we left in family room of clothes from the laundry basket.

The bus was late and Syd was done being patient.  When the bus finally came I was so happy for them to get on the bus.  I ran back in the house to finish making my lunch and grabbing my things.  Keep in mind Sydney and I have been up since 3:00 am. I am sleep deprived and coffee doesn’t do it for me.  I was going to set my timer for 15 minutes just to rest my eyes.  But I was afraid I wouldn’t hear the alarm and miss work.

So I got in my car and left for work.  My commute is less than 20 minutes, which is really nice.  While I was driving I felt so peaceful and comfortable. I was praying that the kids would have a great day.  It wasn’t until I was stopped at a red light that I looked down and noticed that I was still wearing my pajamas and slippers.  Now my first thought was just going to work and pretend like I  read an email that it was spirit day.  That’s the perk of being a teacher. We love our spirit days.  But then I thought no, Delaware is too small and mommy will find out I wore pjs to work.

Seriously, this was another opportunity for me to learn that all days won’t go smoothly.  I was taught to slow down, and not go into panic mode the minute we have a “hiccup”. Lastly, always look in the mirror before you leave the house.

This is the confession of an autism mom.



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