Ms. Copher, Where is my Smencil?


Have you ever heard of Smencils?  Have you ever smelled a Smencil?  Well you are missing out.  If you have a child in elementary school or you are an elementary teacher you know the importance of Smencils.

Smencils are a great fundraising opportunity.  So if you are looking for a way to raise money check out Smencils.  My students LOVE Smencils.  Smencils are smelly pencils with a case and an eraser.  Basically it is our version of Scratch -n- Sniff stickers when we were younger.

Smencil flavors include candy rock, sour apple, peanut butter and jelly, bubble gum, and  pineapple.  Any scent you can think of, I believe there is a Smencil for it.  What I love is the fascination of my second graders when they bring in their Smencil order and money.  As soon as we send the orders to the office. They expect the smencils to return right away. They have to wait until the fourth graders fill the orders and they will deliver them to our class.

All day long they ask me, Did you get my smencil? Are they here yet? When are they coming? Are you sure you sent it the right place?  They are hilarious.

When the Smencils arrive, it is better than Christmas.  The kids can’t wait to use their Smencils. When we are teaching we look at the kids all sniffing their pencils and we have to fight back the laughter.  So we had to establish some simple Smencil rules. One day our entire room smelled like Bath and Body Works during the Black Friday sale.

At the end of the day I love Smencils.  I had a flashback to when I was younger and received a new pen or pencil.  The excitement on their faces to write their narratives or work on math in their math journal made me smile.  It was a reminder that children are so excited about the little things. Like a $2.00 Smencil.

My favorite scent is sour apple.


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