Soulful Sunday Week 5



Today’s message is easy spread love.  We do this for the most part I believe. Do we spread love so that we can tell others what good deeds we have done?  Or do we spread love when no one is watching?

I try my best everyday to spread love. All it takes is a kind gesture, or a compliment just to let others know that they are loved.  This also allows me to model love and kindness for Harrison and Sydney to see.

Can you do these things in love toward your enemy?  This is where I struggle at times. Loving your enemies can be hard to do.  Why should I love someone who just stabbed me in the back or hurt my feelings?  Why should I love someone who disrespected me, thinks that I am less, or not pretty or thin enough?

You have to be the light that shines when you enter a room. You have to love, embrace and smile at those that have wronged you.  It will confuse them and catch them off guard.  Continue to show love, you may not feel it immediately.  But you will know that you did the right thing.

Never forget that everything you do should be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14. It is a simple task today friends.  Go out and spread love, start in your own home first and  let God guide you.

Happy Sunday!


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