It’s Time For Breakfast

Before breakfast!

Let’s start the blog with a positive note.  Sydney slept through the night and woke up around 5:00 am.  Thank you Jesus.  I had her stay upstairs in my room while I prepared her breakfast.  She placed her order for Jimmy Dean Sausage and a pop tart.  I suggested heart shaped waffles and whip cream since we didn’t have to go to school.  And she agreed.

Waffles are done, the make-believe Jimmy Sausages are cooked and I was ready for the big test. The presentation on her plate was perfect.  I even used the China! I felt like a chef on Chopped or The Top Chef going before a panel of judges.

I called her down for breakfast.  She took her medicine and said her grace.  She was excited to see the heart shaped waffle and the China.  She took one bite of the waffle and I just knew this would work.  She looked at the sausage and then looked at me.  I was trying not to laugh and I wanted to video her but I was frozen in the chair.

She took one bite of the sausage and quietly put her fork down.  Let me share the reviews from the sausage critic.

  • Mom, this is terrible.
  • No thanks Mommy.
  • Awe C’mon
  • Where’s Jimmy?
  • Mommy, you’re fired!

I failed the task. But let’s focus on the positive.  If this had happened five years ago.  You would have heard the screams from your house and sausages would have been flying around my kitchen.  Not today.  I explained to her that the store didn’t have Jimmy Dean sausage and I bought a new brand.  She asked for a pop tart and was content.  And that was it. NO screaming, yelling, or a meltdown.

Syd handled it like a pro.  I told her how happy I was that she used her words to communicate with me.  Her reply was “Mommy, 7 more days to Disney World”.  So Disney saved the day.  My friend Tracey told me that I really have to contact the Jimmy Dean company and let them know how she prefers their sausage over any other brand.  I’ll work on that!

I was able to enjoy heart shaped waffles and Bob Evans sausage and write this blog.  If anyone wants two packs of Bob Evan sausages just stop by.  We will be home today packing for Disney.

This was another huge milestone for Sydney.  She is really growing up.

Enjoy your breakfast!


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