No, Harrison Doesn’t Play Sports

When we lived in Michigan Harrison had his exposure to sports and extra curricular activities.  He played football and his dad was the coach.  He participated in soccer, tennis, baseball and karate.  Out of all of the sports I think that he liked karate the best. He does like to play golf.

When I was in elementary school I played softball and basketball.  During high school I was a Venturette.   That is me down in front in case you couldn’t figure that out. Those were fun times.  Last week someone asked me if Harrison played sports.  I replied  “No, Harrison doesn’t play sports.” That person went on to say that if he had a father maybe he would be involved in sports.  Then I had to remind that person that if Jesus came back today that she might be left behind.


Every boy is not an athlete.  It doesn’t make him any less.  I can see Harrison being the next Al Michaels commentating sports, the physician for the team or maybe even the team chaplain.   He loves to watch sports but playing on a team is not his desire. You can tell from the pictures he  was waving to me in the stands  and was crowned Homecoming King!

I truly feel that not every child athlete is the next Peyton Manning or Michael Jordan.  It takes hard work, perseverance and “true talent”. I have nothing against families that have their children play sports year round, or participate on travel teams. That is a great opportunity for them to experience.  But please don’t look down on me because my child is not playing sports.  There are many single moms that have raised sons that played sports and having a father was not the reason that child was successful.  It would be interesting to see the statistics of children from single homes vs two parent homes that made it to professional leagues.  We might be surprised at the actual percentages.


Harrison has a bright future ahead of him regardless of playing sports.  Maybe in high school he will find a club or activity that he wants to explore. If not he will continue to do what he does best, help the community, be a public speaker and give back to others.  Does he know how to work with others? Can he work in a group setting? Can he problem solve with his peers?  Yes! He has survived living with autism, he can do anything.

Sorry you can’t pick him for your fantasy team but maybe you will see him someday and remember Harrison Noah Copher.

From a proud single momma

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