Mommy Needs A Time Out


I  work well under pressure.  It takes a lot to surprise me or rattle me.  If you see my crying it could be tears of joy or tears that I have been holding inside.  I make things happen. I believe in miracles. I love to talk and meet new people.  I am in charge of my household and that weight is all on my shoulders.

Christmas break was perfect.  My children and I had the best time together. I felt great that I put my family first.  I had quality time with each child separately.  We enjoyed our activities together.  Yes, I missed some adult time, and parties but I wanted to end 2016 with my kiddos and get my focus ready for 2017.  And I am glad that I did.


We had a lot of  visitors! The kids had friends visit. Sydney only had two meltdowns that lasted less than two minutes and no seizures.  I enjoyed my babies and I love them with all of my heart.  But mommy needs a time out. 

I am at peace with saying I would like an hour to myself to go exercise or see a movie by myself.  There is a restaurant that I want to try. If I have to go by myself I will do just that. I have grown so much since my divorce and I have so much life left to live.

I need a time out to read a romance novel, binge watch a series, get a pedicure or sleep.  I will be 45 on Valentine’s Day and I am already thinking of how I want to celebrate me! Hint: I’ve never had a surprise party. Just thinking out loud.

To all of the single moms, working moms, stay at home moms give yourself a time out. You can’t stay there forever, but take time for yourself.  Yesterday I told my kids I was going in time out.  They couldn’t bother me unless, it was a medical emergency, they smelled smoke or someone was bleeding. Guess what it worked.  I spent 20 minutes in timeout. It doesn’t take much to make me happy.


What will you do when you are in time out?



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