The Black Sheep

Is there a black sheep in every family?  Maybe it is you.  I talked to many people before writing this blog to get their perspective on what it means to be the black sheep of the family.

Most sheep are born white and their wool is desirable.  When a black sheep is born to a white herd of sheep, that sheep is considered an outcast.  Their wool is useless. Now think how that scenario plays out in a family.  I am not talking about ethnicity, but the characteristics of a person.



If there is a member of your family that is viewed as odd or different, who is vocal, or a drifter.  Does that make them the black sheep of the family?  Some of the people who I talked with told me that they had a black sheep in their family.  They dreaded having that person come to family functions because of their past actions.  It could have been an argument, a terrible meal they prepared, or their potty mouth. They were definitely the odd man out.

Others told me they were the outcast because they weren’t married yet, or had been married five times. The men I spoke with were the black sheep because they couldn’t keep a job, were a stay at home dad or didn’t have a fantasy football team.

One person worked hard to pay for college. None of their siblings ever went to college.  That college graduate was the black sheep.  Why do we isolate a family member based on their success or lack of?  Is it sibling rivalry or favoritism?

It is time to embrace the black sheep of the family.  Family is all that you have so you need to stick together.  Have you ever felt like you were the black sheep of your family?  Did you ever feel that you could never say or do things right?  Were you always criticized and had to do things for yourself? Were you not invited to go places or to special events?


If you are feeling like the black sheep of the family. Lose that title that you have been given. Love yourself and your family.  Secretly, I think they admire you and want to be more like you. You are strong, a risk taker, outspoken and fun to be around. It is okay to be different.  Never beg a person to love you or include you.  It’s their loss not yours.

I am one that must have closure. Not the last word just closer.  I suggest talking with your family and sharing your feelings. It is never too late.  In some situations getting closure may never happen.  Don’t let it stop you from living your life as long as you are not hurting others intentionally.

We are family! I got all my sisters with me!





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