Oh No, Not The Lute!

She played her heart out on her lute!


Sydney’s new hobby is learning to play the lute. She was inspired by  Merida in Brave, who played the lute in the movie. Sydney waited  patiently for her plastic lute to arrive after Christmas.

Yesterday she was practicing and singing and crack went the lute. The room was silent. You could hear a pin drop. I anxiously waited her response.

She was teary eyed, looked down at her broken lute and then up at me. I admit I was on guard in case she decided to throw the lute across the room. What happened next amazed me.

Sydney took her lute to the trash and said, “This is annoying. Mommy I need a wooden lute now.” I began to cry. She gave me a hug and went upstairs to play.

I was crying tears of joy. Six years ago that scenario would have played out differently. Yelling, kicking, throwing and hitting. It would have been an hour meltdown.

Earlier that day we were at the hospital waiting for our appointment.   While in the waiting room a father and son entered.  The boy was probably 6 or 7 years old.  The father went to check in and the boy sat down across from us.

The next thing I knew Sydney went over to the little boy.  She said, “Hi, My name is Sydney.” She sat down next to him. He didn’t respond but looked at Sydney’s game.  His father gave me a look that I have given people before. Although his son didn’t respond, the dad was glad that Sydney acknowledged him.

Sydney is growing up.  She is learning from her peers.  I am so glad that I never gave up on her.  I hope that you haven’t either.

Let me know if you come across a wooden lute!





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