Was He Flirting With Me?


If you know me when I go grocery shopping I am not causally strolling the aisles. I have my list and I move quickly like the road runner.  I do my grocery shopping after the kids get on the bus, before work or right after work before I pick them up.

Last week I was in Giant, with my list on a mission to be out of the store in 20 minutes. I walked over to the deli counter. Instead of waiting in line. I decided to get the deli meat already prepackaged to save time.  I was looking for the turkey breast when I hear a gentleman say “I like the way they package the meat here.” I just smiled and kept looking. Next he said do you like provolone cheese? Being the cheese lover that I am I said, “I sure do”.  Then I noticed the gentleman, no ring, (have to check that first),  and a cute baby in the shopping cart.


I gave his son a compliment and he told me he was 15 months old.  He noticed the rotisserie chicken that I had.  He asked me if I liked dark meat or light meat?  I told him I love white meat!

Now I’m thinking he’s holding me up and I have to make it over to the milk and egg section.  So I smiled and kept shopping.  As I was shopping he would appear on the same aisle as me, smile at me and continue walking. I was in line putting my groceries on the belt and I could feel someone staring at me.  When I looked up he gives a little wave from lane 3.

Then it hit me. Was he flirting with me to see if I liked white meat because he was Caucasian? Or did he really want to know my preference?   Now, I am trying to think of a comeback or conversation starter before I leave the store.  As I left the store he waved and told me to have a nice night.  Me: I had nothing.

Whatever happened to “Hi, my name is Bill. Would you like to go out sometime?” I am not even sure what pick up line I would use. He could have been married and not wearing a ring for all I know.

As I put my groceries in the truck, I thought if he comes out of the store I will stalk him in the parking lot and strike up a conversation.  Well, I did see him in the parking lot.  As I drove past him he smiled. Should I have stopped him and asked him if he liked dark meat?

The struggle is real for this single momma! Hope you laughed because I can’t make this stuff up.  We need a little laughter to start the day.



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