The Princess Pads


On December 5th we returned from the best family vacation ever.  We were all still feeling magical.  We had the most amazing family bonding time and made memories that still make me cry.

On December 7th, Aunt Flo came to visit Sydney at 5:06 am. All of the magical feelings were gone as I sat and cried on the bathroom floor.  I had to pull it together for Sydney’s sake.

I called my mommy and I think we both were silent for a while on the phone.  I called for a sub for the morning.  I did my best to put on a smile and review the social story with Sydney.  I wasn’t prepared for this at all.  Yes, I knew it was coming but I thought I had at least six more months.  Needless to say I didn’t have any supplies for Sydney to use.

So, I wrapped her in toilet paper and we waited for Walgreens to open.  I am not sure why the tears kept flowing.  I was watching Sydney and praying to God to give me the wisdom to help her. I wasn’t sure how much she understood.  My friend Katie dropped off supplies and gave me a much-needed hug. I helped Syd get cleaned up.  I told her she would have to wear a sanitary pad for a few days and not to be scared.  She said “I’m wearing a diaper?” I told her she was wearing  a princess pad.  She loved that idea of course.

For the next two hours we snuggled together. I gave her Tylenol and I read to her.  We would stop at Walgreens.  Then I would drop her off with my mommy and go to work.

Syd and I went into Walgreens.  We stood in front of the massive selection of feminine hygiene products. I was not sure what to buy for her. We must have stared at the shelves for minutes.  I told Syd to pick out her princess pads.

Next, she started laughing and then I started laughing. I’m so glad that the store was empty. It was that kind of laugh where you just can’t stop.  After about five minutes of the giggles we gathered ourselves together and bought her princess pads.

I think Syd handled everything much better than me.  She still needs my help.  I pray that in time she will be independent.  After two days with Aunt Flo she told me she was done with her princess pads.   I let her see the app on my phone so she knew how long this would last and when it’s coming each month.


I’ve been advised to stop her cycle. I admit it sounded great but I am not sure I’m ready to do that. Autism and puberty are difficult to deal with . But I have said that about many things related to Autism in the past and we are all still standing.

In typical Syd fashion, she has a cute princess purse to keep in her back pack for school when Aunt Flo visits.


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