Let’s Keep It Real


I try my best to have it all together.  There are times when I am ahead of the game. Then there are times that I am a hot mess. Last week I was on strike. Let’s keep it real.

  • We grabbed our clothes from the laundry basket and kept moving.(they were clean)

  • The lunch account wasn’t low until it’s in the negative status and they offer you a cheese sandwich.  I made a payment online, don’t worry.

  • I silently protested Spirit Week for the kids.  If they couldn’t find it I wasn’t searching for it.  

  • Harrison’s grade needed a pink shirt for the pep rally.  Even Amazon prime couldn’t help us. 

    I know the scripture says, “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”  But I don’t think God meant stressing out about spirit week.

Notice the lute in perfect position against the wall.

Sydney is interested in doing a room makeover.  She was walking around the house like a boss giving directions. She wanted to move the desk from her room and get a smaller bookcase from the office. I thought she had a good idea.  But I wasn’t expecting her to dismantle her room thirty minutes before our University of Delaware LEND worker was coming over.  Stick a fork in me, I was done!

I felt a panic attack coming on. Harrison looked out at the mess and closed the door to his room.  Smart kid.  My mind began racing that first impressions mean everything. This lady would think the foxy tent was crazy and the piles in hallway were normal?

Now I was having a hot flash trying to clean up before the doorbell rang. Then I stopped and sat on the steps.  If the purpose is for her to shadow our family and learn what it is like living with autism.  Then she came to the right place. Because we were going to keep it real.

We had a great visit and I look forward to learning from her and letting her observe our family for the next three months. Yesterday, I had a chance to reflect on the things that I let bother me during the day that are so unnecessary. 

There may be a pile of books or neatly organized smurf figures in the hallway when you enter our home.  Harrison is not yelling at us. He’s playing online with his cousins in Michigan.  Yes, we do have a trampoline in the living room. Don’t let the Bibles and Holy Water throughout the house scare you. 

Our family is not like yours and that is okay.  A dance party or prayer session might break out any moment in our home.  We laugh, cry, scream and have tons of fun. I’m too old to play pretend. Learn to keep it real. It’s less stressful.






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