Where Are Your Clothes Sydney?

I’m not sure if the open toe heels or the pose made me smile the most.

When it comes to the seasons this is a struggle for Sydney.  It is hard for her to transition from one season to the next.  One day we went to visit my parents. Syd was wearing boots, a maxi dress and a winter coat.  The look on my face let everyone know not to ask questions. For some children with autism they wear what they want to wear for many different reasons.

When Sydney was younger, she would change her clothes at least five times a day.  She has only worn jeans once.  She loves dresses and leggings.  She finally started wearing shorts last summer.  Discipline for Sydney is making her wear yoga pants and a t-shirt. That is a fashion nightmare for her.  That is worst than no iPad.

Winter to Sydney means snow, hats, gloves, snow pants etc.  We are from Michigan and winter means snow and snow days.  Well, when it is 50 degrees outside it means spring and maxi dress time for Sydney. 


Sydney loves to pick out her own clothes.  We shop mostly online. She enjoys typing in the website and searching for what she wants to buy.  She still doesn’t click the clearance link first, but we are working on it. 


I should be glad because there was a time when clothes were optional for Sydney.  When she wanted to take off her clothes she did, right in front of everyone.  It was time for a social story to discuss the norms for wearing clothes and what is appropriate.  If she starts to go out of her room now not properly clothed.  She will catch herself and say “Oops, that’s not appropriate.”  Lately, she has been  wearing her favorite dress everyday after school.   I am sure you have seen it. It is the green and pink floral dress. Another favorite that you may see is her Cleopatra costume. If you come on the right day you might just see her entire fashion show. 


On Saturday we went to visit family.  Syd was determined to wear a lighter coat, dress, boots and no leggings.  I told her she would be cold.  She said it was spring and I said let’s roll.  I took this picture when she realized it really is still winter!

Parents of children with autism here are a few tips to remember.

  • Try tagless clothes including undergarments.

  • Be mindful of textures.

  • Bring an extra set of clothing on outings. 

  • Start early to transition your child before the seasons change.  Use social stories.

  • Trust your child. The sensory input could be a trigger for behavior.  It usually takes trial and error. 

Does your child have a favorite clothing item to wear?

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