What’s Your Emergency?


What is the best age to teach your children when to use 911?  I remember Harrison learned about calling 911 in kindergarten and I reinforced it with him at home.  Harrison was probably six and Syd was four.  We were deep in the autism tunnel.  One day Rob had the kids outside to play on our new play structure.  This would give me an hour to sleep. 

I knew Harrison wouldn’t wander off but I worried about Sydney.  This was the time when she wasn’t verbal and very curious.  I said my prayers and set the alarm for an hour.  What could possibly happen in one hour?  Let me just say I can’t make this stuff up.

I was sleeping in my room and I looked up and saw a police officer in the doorway of my bedroom. The windows were open so I could hear sirens. I thought I was dreaming so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  Well it wasn’t a dream.  The officer said “Ma’am are you alright?” My first thought was that something happened to Rob and the kids.

Then the officer came in and asked me if I was in danger or needed medical assistance. So now I am ready to go in panic mode.  He said they received a 911 call from this number and heard screams in the background.  I’m thinking where the hell is my husband?

I explained to the officer that I was taking a nap and Rob was watching the kids.  Well, I came outside and thought I was on the set of Criminal Minds.  There were at least three police cars,  an ambulance and maybe the canine unit too.  My neighbor across the street was a Southfield police officer.  So anytime there was a call on Green Valley Street there was great police presence.

Harrison was in the squad car with one police officer. Another police officer was giving Sydney piggy back rides.  And Rob was talking with the officers too.  Apparently, Harrison called 911. He saw me sleeping and got scared.  He never saw me sleeping during the daytime.  Why he didn’t call for his dad I don’t know.  He was so upset that he had done something wrong.   He thought the officers  were mad.  The officers said that dispatch heard screams aka Sydney. 

I was so embarrassed. But it was a teachable moment.  The officers told Harrison that he did the right thing.  Even at a young age Harrison was having an intellectual conversation with the officers.  Harrison explained that he didn’t want to call his dad, when he saw me sleeping because Rob was watching Sydney. Previously, I taught Harrison that if ever he saw me on the floor or not moving to call for help.  I guess I forgot to tell him to shake me and try to wake me first, before calling 911.

Oh, the stories we can tell in Copher’s Community.

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