50 State Autism Challenge




April 2nd is World Autism Day.  This is a day that we Light It Up Blue and spread awareness for autism.  Harrison had this great idea when we were talking about Sydney’s Super Squad and the Autism Walk on April 8th in Wilmington.  This will be our 4th year walking and we can’t wait! But we talked about how to reach more people.  Our family and friends understand what living with autism is like.  How can we spread this message across the country? 

Our family wanted to see if we could get someone from each state to accept our challenge and show us that you promise to Light It Up Blue on April 2nd or spread autism awareness in your state.  It is simple.

 1. Make a sign or poster.  Be creative or keep it simple.  On the poster include something like:

We are Lighting  It Up Blue for Autism in _________________.(fill in your state)

We are spreading autism awareness in _________________.(fill in your state)

We support Sydney’s Super Squad in ____________________.(fill in your state)

2. Take a selfie or picture of you holding the sign outside in  your beautiful state. Of you can take a picture at your home.  

3. Post the picture to my personal Facebook page:  Brooke Butler Copher or  A Woman’s Work Facebook page.  You can also email me your photo with the subject: 50 State Autism Challenge to brookecopher@hotmail.com  Please submit all pictures by March 25th. 

4. My tech savvy friend Katie will help me put together a collection of the pictures.  We hope to share it on April 2nd. 


See how easy that is.  Everyone loves to take selfies anyway.  So why not spread autism awareness.  Don’t worry if we get duplicates from the same state.  The more pictures the merrier.  Friends and family feel free to text me your picture.  We can’t wait to see which states respond.  Thank you for embracing autism! Feel free to share this message.


Harrison and Brooke


P.S.  This is a surprise for Sydney!

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