When You Play Your Cards Right


One of my greatest memories as a kid was learning how to play cards.  When I learned how to shuffle a deck of cards, I thought I was ready to work at a casino.  I would watch members of my family play spades at the kitchen table.  I would watch and learn how the game was played.  The game was loud.  You had to know how to bid and not get “set”.

  Someone was keeping score. It was fun to watch.  But when I was asked to join the game, that was my right of passage. That was more important than getting my hair straightened for the first time with a “hot comb”.  That was like moving from the kids table to the adult table on Thanksgiving.

When I played my first game I was terrible and my partner and I lost.  I had to redeem myself and I did.  We would play spades when we visited my family in Georgia and when we came to Maryland to visit our relatives.

When I think about my life, I felt like some of the cards that I was dealt were unfair.  Who was I to argue with?  I had to learn how to play the game of life. I studied the cards and made my hand work for me.  I thought I couldn’t play my cards without my partner, without Rob.  One day I realized that I had to play the hell out of my hand because I no longer had a partner.

It doesn’t matter what cards you are dealt in life.  You might be good enough to bluff your way through the game if needed.  If not, trust your instincts and play the cards you are dealt.  You just might hit the jackpot after the game is over.

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