Sorry, I Don’t Do Scales


Last week I went to a new doctor. First impressions mean a lot to me.  So I was pleased with my experience from the time I entered the office. That was until the nurse told me to get on the scale.  That’s when I told her very nicely that “Sorry, I don’t do scales.”  She grinned, rolled her eyes and said, “Get on the scale.”

I wasn’t afraid of the number I was going to see. Remember if you read yesterday’s blog I just had a crying spell in the parking lot over a crack in my windshield.  I was a hot mess. I wanted to make a good impression since this was my first visit. So, I decided to hop on the scale.  I already knew that I would take off five or six pounds from the number that appeared on the scale. The nice nurse didn’t give me a chance to take off my jewelry,  my shoes and clothes. The scale is always wrong at the doctor’s office anyway.  We all know that.

I stepped on the scale and I must admit that the three digit number was not what I was expecting.  I have never been one to use a scale.  I’ve always been curvy and I love my “ass”ets.  But it was in that moment that I realized that my muffin top was now a loaf of bread.

Now, the doctor said that my lack of sleep causes weight gain. She told me all of the things I already know. Make yourself a priority. Schedule my workout into my daily routine.  I listened as she talked and even took notes in my journal.  Then she listened as I explained my unique situation. I think I traumatized her. She looked at me with such a concerned look on her face, that I wanted to cry again.  

Summer is around the corner and I can’t wait to wear my maxi dresses.  But I refuse to wear a full body spanx underneath it.  When I look in the mirror, I love the person that I see.  I couldn’t say that at one point in my life.  Before when I looked in the mirrow I saw a sad, depressed, lonely,  and unattractive person that was struggling to keep it all together.  For just a moment I was about to let that same pity attitude consume me.  But I realized I am a different person now.  

My plan is to start slow. Drink more water. Find a sitter to schedule time for me to visit Planet Fitness.  Work on my health concern and most importantly. Get more sleep!!!!!!!!! 

To anyone that just stepped off of the scale, tried on clothes that don’t fit or felt embarrassed about the way you look. Take a deep breath and get your plan together. I plan on loving me for me. Wearing clothes that flatter me and compliment me. Remember a lady wears clothes that compliment her and leaves something for the imagination!   If you see me wearing something that is not flattering. Be a friend and tell me. I have my fitness goals and it is up to me and only me to make them happen.  

Celebrate the non-scale victories. Don’t forget how beautiful you are.

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