It’s Only A Cracked Windshield


The sun was shining and I was on my way to my doctor’s appointment. It felt strange being in the car without the kids.  The two hour countdown began while my sissy watched the kids for me. Two hours, not to go on a date, or shopping but to take care of myself.

I drove in silence. No music or cell phone notifications allowed. All I wanted was a nice quiet drive to Smyrna.  The sound of a crack startled me. As I glanced to the right I noticed the rock when it ricocheted off of my windshield.  As I continued to drive. I couldn’t stop myself from looking at the crack that was left in my windshield.  Please don’t let that spread. Jesus take the wheel! But the more I glanced at the crack the more it began to spread.  When I parked I watched the crack move like a spider spinning its web.


I was pissed and mad. Why today? Why me? What else is going to happen today? I really don’t have time for this now.  My easy going mood quickly changed in a matter of minutes.

I couldn’t focus on myself. I was too concerned about the crack in my windshield. All I could think about was that I need to get this fixed right away. My heart was racing and my vocabulary was R-rated.   My blood pressure was through the roof all over a crack in the windshield.

I sat in the car and cried. As I cried God reminded me that no one was a passenger in the front seat and was injured. I was reminded that the crack was a flaw and the windshield could be replaced.  My attitude began to shift. My thoughts were with the people who were mourning a loss of a loved one.  People that are hearing a health diagnosis for the first time.  I felt silly that at first my concern and energy were focused on a crack in the windshield.

This crack in the windshield was my reminder that I cannot let one comment, or one situation dictate my day. I learned a valuable lesson that day.  Stop stressing,  it’s only a crack in the windshield.

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