They’re All Going To Laugh At Me


Water, cell phone, forgot my earbuds but I can do this.  I felt like Carrie from the horror movie.  I was thinking about the scene when her mother kept saying”  They’re all going to laugh at you.” That was my feeling when I reached the door of Planet Fitness.  My mommy agreed to watch the kids on Tuesdays and Thursdays until school is out. So that I can head straight to the gym.

Before I reached the door. I honestly thought about not going in.  I decided to go in and my plan was to work on one thing.  It was crowded but I blocked everyone out.  I found a stationary bike and this would be my 30 minute workout.  I’m used to doing things by myself. So, it didn’t bother me seeing everyone paired up with an accountability partner.


As I started pedaling I watched a little tv and thought this isn’t so bad.  When I checked.  I had only been on the bike for three minutes and my hair was starting to sweat.  Now for a black woman that is your signal to stop! But I just twisted my hair, slapped on a visor and kept pedaling away.  That’s when my contact lens was feeling funny. I’m halfway there. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!
I was looking for any excuse to leave.  But I kept pedaling.  This was all new to me. I wasn’t about to try and show off and lift some weights or run on the treadmill.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Will I go back? I sure will.  If someone offers to babysit my kids. I am taking advantage of that opportunity.


Being at the gym did give me time to myself. Before I go from second grade teacher to mommy mode, it gave me an intermission.  Ideas for blogs and quotes crossed my mind and I wrote them down in my phone.  Am I running any races soon?  Probably not.  But I am taking it step by step. I am competing against myself.

2 thoughts on “They’re All Going To Laugh At Me

  1. Good for you taking that next step to having a healthy life – and see no one was even thinking about you.

    I thought about joining Planet Fitness, as a matter of fact, there were people heading in there at 3:00 am Wednesday morning. Don’t ask me what I was doing in the shopping center at 3 am, just wait and read about it on my blog next week.


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