Walk Away Like Angela Basset


My daddy always taught me to look a person in the eye.  Even if the person was disciplining me.  Daddy taught me to never walk with my head down and to have the courage to speak in front of others.  All of these things are important.  Lastly, he told me never look behind me.  Keep my eyes straight ahead and keep moving forward.

I love this picture of Angela Basset from the movie Waiting to Exhale. She is a wonderful actress.  I am not promoting setting fire to any of your husband’s possessions.  But there is something about the way she walks away from that burning car, that screams.  How you like me now? And Bye Felicia. She kept walking. With a look of determination on her face and she never looked back.

Yesterday was a day that I looked back in the past.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that looking back to my past was a mistake. I needed to look back so that I could figure how to move forward for my children’s sake.  I remember saying hello and the rest was a blur.  I had a conversation with their dad, that lasted less than minute.  But the message he sent was loud and clear.

I am already dreading Father’s Day and it is not even June yet.  I am reminded of what my daddy told me.  Don’t look back.  I promised myself that I would make a  better life for my kids and I.  If I keep looking back, I will miss my blessing that is in front of me.

After a difficult and degrading conversation with their dad. I walked into a room of college students and watched as our family was being recognized for autism advocacy.  They showed an amazing video of our family and an interview that I conducted with them.  These girls were amazing to work with.  Next, I had an opportunity to answer questions from the audience about living with autism.  And that is when I knew I was looking in the right direction ahead of me, not behind at my past.


Would the slaves want to go back to the plantations?  Would the Hebrews want to go back to work for Pharaoh? No, your promised land is waiting for you.  You will miss it if you are looking in the wrong direction.

What do you need to see go up in flames before you can walk away like Angela Basset?  Whatever it is. Today is the day that you have to release it.  I love all of my readers and I don’t mean to vague with this post.  It will all make sense when you read my memoir.


I’m glad I stopped looking back in the past yesterday.  As I was working on my blogs  yesterday, I decided on the title of my memoir.

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