You Picked Your Cat Over Me


As you know dating after divorce is definitely an adventure.  It can be a little scary, hilarious and frustrating possibly all at the same time.  You all have given me great advice and listened to some of my dating questions and stories.

Currently I am not in a relationship.  But, I have been more open to meeting people.  My new perspective on my dating situation is that if there isn’t any chemistry.  A wonderful  friendship might happen. For example my friend Brian is a great guy.  He’s now in Hawaii.  We like to talk as often as we can.  The time difference made it a little tricky at first.  But when I am up with Sydney.  I will text him or call to check on him. I figure if I ever plan a trip to Hawaii.  He can show me around the islands.

My message to all of the single ladies and single moms like myself is to be at peace with your current relationship status.  If you are a strong woman like myself. A weak man will not be able to love you.  You want a man who is attracted to you because you are a strong woman.  Not a man who is intimidated by you.


So, I have let my guard down and will try to trust again.  Which brings me to my latest dating disaster.  If you read my blog a few weeks ago you will remember that I finally overcame my fear of The Wizard of OZ.  Well, many of you know that I have another fear.  I am terrified of cats.  When I was six years old, I was traumatized by cats when I was in Georgia.  Don’t I sound like Sydney being dramatic?   She gets it from her mama.

I have learned that texting first is the thing to do. Then you finally call the person.  Texting is convenient but I love hearing a person’s voice.  So that initial texting is awkward for me.  I was talking with this man, let’s just call him Bob.  I thought he was nice and we had several things in common.  He is a big sports fan.  So my prior knowledge of sports was helpful.  Our plan was to meet up over the long holiday weekend.  I needed some extra time to stalk him on Facebook and do a background check.  I listened  and was really interested in his hobbies and  his business.  He wanted to know about the blog and my book.  So I started thinking that I will give Bob a chance.

I’m not sure how cats came up in the conversation but I told him that I am terrified of cats.  That’s when Bob went from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde.  He starts rattling off that I didn’t want to meet Tabitha. I’m all confused, is this Bewitched? Is Tabitha the cat or his child?  He starts giving me facts about cats.  Then he starts talking about Michael Vick and the dog fighting.  I’m trying to tell him I am not a cat killer.

The cherry on top was when he told me that I was the most amazing woman that he has met in a long time.  But he would choose Tabitha over me.  My ex left me and this man is leaving me for a cat.  If I wasn’t a strong woman. That would have been my breaking point.

But I had to laugh and call Hatty and tell her the story.  I was willing to meet Tabitha one day. Maybe pet her the next time I saw her.  And then I realized that my life is better than a lifetime movie.

So back to the starting line for me.  Cat lovers need not apply.

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