What Will They Remember?


Over the weekend I went to a blogging mixer event.  I was reminded the day before to bring my business cards to share.  Let’s just say ordering business cards and Sydney’s new power autism cards are still on my to do list.   My friend Rachel had a great idea. She told me to create everything on a label and attach it to a pack of flower seeds.  Then I could add a catchy phrase The Blooming Writer.  Cute right?

Well between multi-tasking, I didn’t have a chance to create a business card.  So I decided to be a walking business card for A Woman’s Work.  My public speaking ability and smile would make them remember me.

The past few weeks have reminded me about the true meaning of loving life.  Even on the days when the windshield cracks or I receive a nasty email.   Life is still good.

That’s when I thought, what would they remember about me? By “they” I mean my kids, my family, my students and my friends.  Will people remember how much I weighed?  If my students passed their standardized tests? Will my children remember me rushing around and always on the go?  When they hear a song will they think of my dance moves?

Hopefully my legacy that I leave behind will be one that will bring you peace and a smile to your face.  Will you remember A Woman’s Work blog? Did one blog speak to your heart when you needed to hear that message the most?  Will you remember that I was your teacher and what class memories will always stay in your heart?


My life hasn’t been perfect.  But who lives a perfect life? My life is blessed beyond measures. Each day I get an opportunity to make a new memory with my children.  I have a chance to share my love with others. Also, I am following my heart which makes me happy. What legacy will you leave behind? What will they remember about you?

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