The Meaning of Sacrifice


Growing up Memorial Day weekend meant that the school year was almost over.  As a family we never traveled up North, because that is what you do when you live in Michigan.  This is similar to everyone heading to the beach Memorial Day weekend here in Delaware.  For some it is a time to get together with family.  Some people work in their yard. Others attend parades. Many people pay their respect to the soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

When I was younger I would always get Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day mixed up.  I just knew that it was a day that my parents made us reflect on the past.  I have to admit learning about history didn’t fascinate me until I was older.  Learning about the past gave me a better perspective on where I wanted to go in the future.

When I think about the meaning of sacrifice, so many different situations come to mind.  The first being the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus paid for all of our sins.  I am reminded of how soldiers gave their lives for our county. That is a sacrifice that many of us would not be able to do and that includes me.

We also can’t forget about the sacrifice that law enforcement and first responders make on a daily basis to keep us safe.  All of these brave men and women deserve our respect.  They are forever heroes.  Would you sacrifice your life for a complete stranger?  There’s no doubt that you would make a sacrifice for your child or another loved one. We can’t forget the sacrifice that others in the past made for us.

On this day, no matter what your plans are. Take a moment  to reflect on what the true meaning of sacrifice is and what Memorial Day means to you.

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