Off With Their Heads!


When I heard that our family was planning a Father’s Day weekend in Baltimore. I thought it would be great for the kids and I to attend. I didn’t realize that it would be days before our trip back home to Michigan. Fourteen family members were ready to take on Baltimore for the weekend with Copher’s Community.

The ride to Baltimore was great. Sydney has been doing a great job at not using her iPad in the car. She was excited about staying in a hotel. But I had to remind her that we weren’t going to the airport whenever she saw signs that said Baltimore.

We had plans for dinner, exploring the Inner Harbor and attending The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament. That is what I was most excited to attend. As with anything, I wasn’t sure how Sydney would react to the experience. Anytime she can put on a dress and dine out she is ready to go.


When we arrived, Sydney was very excited. Harrison was showing her all of the displays. She saw the gift shop area. Immediately I had a flashback to Disney with the Mickey Ears. They had tiaras and crowns you name it. I knew she would want a souvenir. But that would come later.

We were seated in this beautiful arena. We were in the red section and would be cheering for the red knight. It was like living in Medieval Times. Our meal would be served as we cheered watching the battles. Harrison didn’t like the fact that we would not be using utensils with our meal.

Enjoying my tomato bisque soup.

The meal was delicious. Sydney cheered and yelled for the red knight. She loved watching the horses. Our seats were great. She could see the King and the princess nearby. Our dinner included tomato bisque soup, bread, chicken, corn and a potato.

Harrison and Sydney really had a nice time. When the knight was throwing out roses. I knew that I had to get one for Sydney. When he came to our section I made sure to get his attention and I caught the rose that he threw. Sydney was so excited. Harrison said maybe he’s single mom.  I think he likes you.


As we enjoyed our meal and the matches were coming to an end. Sydney was really into the tournament. She was yelling “Off with their heads!” “Take them to the dungeon.” It was great to look over and see the smiles on their faces. I hope that they would remember this experience. I may not be able to buy them everything that they want. We don’t vacation a lot. But they know that I love them and that I make sacrifices daily for them.

My red knight was looking for me!

The entire tournament and meal was two hours. Sydney did great. After the show we stopped to buy a souvenir. We took a group picture and I knew it was time for us to go. The crowds were filing in for the next show. I was feeling overwhelmed. Sydney started saying “Get me out of this place.”

She immediately started walking out of the theater in the right direction to the exit door. I didn’t talk. I just kept moving. This event was huge for us. I wasn’t sure if she would eat. Or if the noise would bother her.  But she did great.  I gave a smile to the others parents that were carrying their screaming children out of the arena.

If you are looking for a great place to celebrate a birthday, a date night or a family event. I highly recommend attending a dinner and tournament at Medieval Times. Sydney and I are still saying “Yes, My lady!”

Father’s Day this year had a new meaning for us. We stepped out of our comfort zone and had a wonderful time.


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