Is This An Addiction?

This is my I wish I could be blogging face.

When we hear the word addiction. Our minds automatically think about drugs or alcohol. Some people are addicted to food, shopping or sex. The list of addictions can go on an on. Are all addictions bad? Should I feel bad that I am addicted to writing? Is it wrong to let my thoughts flow onto paper or on my laptop?

After publishing a blog. There is a sense of gratification and joy that I feel. I have accomplished something. At times I feel that all I have to offer is my knowledge and perspective on autism. But I am more than autism. My blogging helped me to realize that fact.

It is an empowering experience to know that I have followed my dream of writing. This journey also allows me to use my craft as a public speaker. It is an amazing feeling. I didn’t do this all by myself.  God was with me.

Writing for me is sharing my soul, my heart and my vision with the world. Writing for me shares my journey and gives hope to the families that are living lives similar to mine.

Never let anyone hold you back. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot or should not pursue the dream that you hold dearly in your heart. If you have a vision keep striving until you achieve your goal. I think that is is okay to do what you love. As long as you are not hurting others in the process.

Is my writing truly an addiction? It does make me happy to blog. When I am not blogging I feel lost. Can I live without blogging? Is it wrong that I can’t answer that question.

For so long my life was in storm. I didn’t have an outlet or a release. My writing is my way to connect with others. My way of following my journey and finding a way to help others. Right now I am writing from my heart. I will continue my book. On the days when I have over 100 people read my blog that is great. On the days when 25 people read my blog. I still feel great.
Now I am convinced that my writing is not an addiction. My writing is my passion. So while the stories still flow freely. I will write. There will come a time when my path will take a different turn. I will come to a fork in the  road. When the time comes. I will be go in another direction because my steps are ordered by God.

3 thoughts on “Is This An Addiction?

  1. Writing, blogging, journaling, sharing and helping, it’s in our DNA, however, sometimes it can be addictive… a good addiction however, an addiction nevertheless.

    Make sure to take some down time just to rest those brain muscles as you can definitely go into overload.

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