Where’s Sydney?


Yesterday’s blog was intense. It was difficult for me to read it again. But I am glad that I shared the blog. There was a lot of conversation generated and I had a chance to speak with people individually about advocating.

Today I thought I would share one of the latest experiences with Copher’s Community. Recently when we came back from Michigan. We needed groceries of course. Sydney and I decided to go do the shopping.  You’ll never guess in a million years what happened.

We went to the local Giant store. Sydney helped me make the shopping list the night before. This would be a big shopping trip since the kids are home for the summer. And they want to eat every two hours.

Syd did great grabbing raspberries, grapes, and blackberries. Those are the new favorite fruits. I was very relaxed while shopping with Syd. Usually I am having road rage with the cart trying to get out the store quick. But not this time. We would enjoy our shopping experience and take our time.

We made it through all of the aisles. You must know that in the past Sydney could not go past the toy or movie aisle without screams of terror. She loved The Dollar Tree when we lived in Michigan. It was hard for her to understand that every store wasn’t The Dollar Tree. And that the princess doll cost more than $1.00.  That doesn’t happen any more.  Another victory for us!

Our dessert treat for the week was ice cream sundaes. We had the ice cream and the Reddi Whip. Sydney helped me put the groceries on the belt. Everything was going great. I bent down to pick up the case of water and when I looked up Sydney was gone. At first I didn’t panic. If someone kidnapped her she would have punched them and I surely would have heard that.
My mind started racing. Do I have her paged? Do I get out line? Or do I start yelling her name in the store. Then I remembered what my friend and Sydney’s first parapro here in Delaware taught me.  Julie, you saved the day. The bird call. Kakaw, Kakaw! How could I forget. So I repeated Kakaw, Kakaw and waited for my little lost girl to respond. I felt a panic attack coming on. And I am pretty sure the cashier had called for a manager to assist.

Then I head “Kakaw, Kakaw”! “Mom I need cherries. “ Whew! she was safe and she was on the aisle getting cherries in the jar for our topping! Whew, I am glad that she responded and glad that she remembered the cherries. But it is her impulse and no fear that scare the hell out of me.

Immediately I start beating myself up. Why didn’t I read a social story before we came in the store? We rushed out of the house and she took her ID/Medical bracelet off last night. We didn’t grab it this morning.

Everything turned out fine.  I didn’t laugh at my bird calling until I told the story to Harrison. But he wasn’t laughing at all. He told me he couldnt’ believe I almost lost his sister.

Before we left the store. Sydney had to do her ritual of getting water from the water fountain. If this is her only OCD ritual. It doesn’t really bother me.

When we were walking out. One of the managers stopped us and said she hadn’t seen us in a while. I told her we were on vacation. But we’re back and just wanted everyone to know we were home. She laughed and said she always enjoys seeing us in the store.  And she gave Sydney a compliment on how well she did shopping.  Our first shopping trip three years ago was not pleasant at all.

So, don’t forget the bird call. It might come in handy one day.

Kakaw, Kakaw!

3 thoughts on “Where’s Sydney?

  1. I can’t tell you the number of times Ryan has scared the heck out of me getting distracted and wandering off when I am unloading a cart or stop to pick up something I’ve dropped…the impulsivity is the most trying for me — not because of the kids, but because of the pedophiles that are just waiting for any opportunity to prey on a distracted child. Social stories help Ryan A LITTLE BIT and we do them every time we are about to go shopping; but it is still a scary experience. Love the bird call idea.



    1. I know exactly how you feel. The pedophiles scare me and Syd is now maturing.ugh I will continue to give the reminders I guess that’s why I’m scared for others to take her places without me.


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