Our Autism Island

I admit I wished we lived on an autism island. We would be surrounded by autism friendly everything. We would have other autism families that get it, and schools that provide programs, therapy all under one roof. We would have accessible playgrounds, changing tables in public restrooms and a hospital with all of the specialists … More Our Autism Island

Autism Coma

I think it was an episode of Greys Anatomy I was watching. The patient could hear and see everything that was going on. But couldn’t speak, and couldn’t move. Seeing the distress in their eyes made me empathize with how they felt. I was in an autism coma for many years. I was walking through … More Autism Coma

Adventures in Autism

It was March 16, 2018. We are almost finished with our third appointment at AI Hospital. It really stinks that this is how we had to spend part of our day off from school. But that’s autism. We received a great report from the last doctor. He even commented on how Sydney was attentive during … More Adventures in Autism

Sydney’s Story

Miracles happen everyday. We might be too busy to notice the simple miracles that many people take for granted. I believe in miracles. I believe in the impossible. When my circumstances look hopeless. That’s when I stand still because I know that God is about to show up and show out! Saturday, Harrison had a … More Sydney’s Story