All Scars Have A Story


Band aids fix everything right? At least that is what Sydney thinks. Some cuts leave a scar and others don’t. Why is it that we feel better when our scars our covered?

My ex-husband would call me The Queen of Surgery. I thank him for standing by me during my many surgeries in the past. My first surgery was a hernia repair when I was only five years old. I was always embarrassed by the scar when I was growing up.

When I was older, I had several surgeries that have left scars. Too many surgeries for me to list. When I look at my scars today. I am not ashamed of them. They are reminders of my healing. My two C-sections scars are my badges of honor!

Recently I had to look at my scars. But these scars didn’t leave physical marks. These were scars that I was carrying around with me in my mind and in soul.

The scars were a reminder of what I endured. But I no longer needed that reminder in my head. When I looked in the mirror it wasn’t the physical scars that I would hate to see. It was the emotional scars that tortured me.

We all will have scars. Some will be minor and some will leave a lasting impression on our physical bodies. Wear your physical scars with pride and glory. As far as the emotional scars that only you know about. You need to release those right away and enjoy living each day free from scars!

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