Lessons Learned


They say that learning is a gift even when pain is your teacher. Do you agree with that statement?

There are so many lessons that we learn in life. Think back to when you were younger. What lessons did you learn? I think about the lessons that I learned in Sunday school about Cain and Abel from The Bible. I also think about the lessons that I learned in school. When I first learned Spanish, I was very excited. The memories of those lessons always stayed with me.

As I matured I noticed that I learned some of life lessons the hard way.  Those lessons were not as warm and fuzzy to learn. Some lessons that we learn are painful. We have to remember that we are in control. We all make mistakes and we should learn from our mistakes. But if we continually go back and follow the same patterns. Then we are not learning from the pain.


I don’t like pain. I don’t like to hurt or be sad. I have learned to make my own happiness. Yes, Harrison and Sydney make me extremely happy.  But, I have learned to create my own happiness based on the past lessons that I learned. I promised myself that I would never put myself in some of my past situations ever again.

We all go through a phase where we think we are unstoppable. Our world is perfect and things are going just as planned. When life throws us a curve ball, we aren’t prepared to handle the situation.  The hard lesson that we must learn is that life lessons are hard to accept and overcome. But not impossible to achieve.

The lessons that I learned going through a failing marriage were the hard.  What did I learn from that life lesson? I learned that feeling rejected was very difficult for me to accept. I felt that the vows I made were all a lie. I hated the person that I was becoming. The pain of having low self-esteem was a life lesson for me.  It is because of my past painful life lessons that I have the courage to share with others now.

Have your life lessons helped to shape you? Or have your life lessons haunted you your entire life?


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