It’s My Anniversary

I didn’t realize the date was October 16th until my bestie from Michigan called to remind me. October 16th was the day of love, my wedding date back in 1999. For a good laugh I tried on my wedding dress last night and Syd literally hollered and her echolalia was on point!! “This is a … More It’s My Anniversary

Welcome Back

Do you ever have moments when you forget who you are? You lost your identity? Your sanity? Your purpose? You forget for a moment that you have a journey that’s different from everyone else, but you’ve been equipped to travel that road. You will do it alone if you have to do so. Sometimes we … More Welcome Back

I’ve Been Broken

I grew up believing that broken crayons didn’t color. I was the kid that would have a panic attack when my pencil broke in school. I was taught that broken was not good enough. It wasn’t until I was much older that I realized beautiful things happen once you’ve been broken. I was broken making … More I’ve Been Broken

Oh, What A Year!

2018 was a great year. Harrison, Sydney and I achieved many goals. The goals may seem minor to you but they are huge victories for our family. Harrison’s 16th Birthday was the best celebrating back home in Michigan and enjoying a game at The Big House. That day was exciting and memorable. We went to … More Oh, What A Year!

Lessons Learned

They say that learning is a gift even when pain is your teacher. Do you agree with that statement? There are so many lessons that we learn in life. Think back to when you were younger. What lessons did you learn? I think about the lessons that I learned in Sunday school about Cain and … More Lessons Learned

The End

The end is near. The End. Why are we always so fixated on the end? I have to admit that I hated when the end came. The end of the summer vacation meant it was time to go back to work. The end of the month meant it was time to pay all of the … More The End