What’s Your Problem?


Does that title sound too harsh or mean? That was not the intent. There does come a time when we do have to ask ourselves, not others. What is your problem?

Last week I had a situation that was weighing heavy on my heart. I was doing my positive self talk. I relied on my “go to scriptures” and I even stared at my vision board. Nothing could help me. I could have called my bestie from Michigan, my sissy or mommy for help. But I didn’t and I am not sure why.

I love how God works. I had two friends here in Delaware reach out to me last week. It was at the perfect time. Talking with them helped me to shift my focus and my world didn’t seem so blurry anymore.

My girlfriend/sis Jamie sent me the picture for today’s blog. She was at a store and saw the picture and thought of me. Look at God!! I asked her to pick it up for me. This was my new reminder and go to phrase for inspiration. At least for this week. When your situation changes, so does your approach on how to overcome it.

Another girlfriend Jennifer blessed with her knowledge and wisdom. One thing that I was not going to do was back down from my problem. I wasn’t going to allow it to consume my day, change my mood, or make me bitter or depressed. My heart was heavy. Not only because of how I was feeling. But because of how someone who I love very dearly was being mistreated. No, it was not Harrison or Sydney.

So, I looked at my new picture and was reminded that MY GOD is bigger than any problem that I face. I quickly recalled the miracles HE has done for our family in the past three years. My heart rejoiced.

I don’t know what your BIG problem is that you are facing today. But I want you to know that GOD is much bigger and can handle your situation. Trust, believe, hope and pray. But never forget where your true blessings come from.



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