The B Word


Are you thinking baby, bride, beautiful, black, birthday or the other B word? Well neither of those words are the topic of today’s blog. The B word that I am referring to is bifocals. Yes, bifocals.

You know I have been doing all of my yearly exam appointments this summer.  Well, it was time for my eye exam. No, you can’t dilate my eyes today. I have two other appointments at the hospital later today. And yes, I know I used the same excuse last year too.

I love Dr. Yerkes. She’s sweet, great personality and knowledgable. She listens and has great people skills. I normally wear my contacts. I can’t see anything far away without them. So when I take off my contacts. I immediately put on my glasses.

There are days when I prefer to wear my glasses. Harrison knows that if he sees me wearing my glasses at home. That’s his cue that lets him know we are not leaving the house that day. It’s a little confusing when it is a school day and I decide to wear my glasses.

The exam was going well. I didn’t even try to cheat like Sydney did at her exam. My contact prescription would be the same for both eyes. Alleluia thank you Jesus! That makes my world easier.

Next, she told me I would need bifocals or buy readers from Walgreens and put over my contacts. Say what now? I let the shock of the B word settle in. She lost me after this. She said this is what happens to our eyes when we get older. I just stared and smiled as she finished talking.

They gave me my trial contacts to wear. Then I headed over to the get my bifocals. If you know me when it comes to glasses. I wear a basic black frame, that is covered fully by insurance. Well, not this time. If I need bifocals. I want Kate Spade frames please.

I started trying on all of these fancy frames like money wasn’t an option. And then I remembered we still have to eat. Quickly, I humbled myself . I asked her which of my designer frames would be under $100 out-of-pocket. Guess what, I ordered the Kate Spade frames.

Was I having a mid-life crisis? I am 45 and hearing bifocals was depressing. Why did I need designer frames? Would that make me not 45 and need bifocals? Of course not. But I suddenly looked at the negative side of my situation without focusing on the positives.

I am thankful to have insurance and my sight! I work hard each day. I will buy designer frames for once. And I wont’ feel guilty.

When I picked up my new glasses. It took my eyes some time to adjust. I have to wear them for a week. I have to admit. I like my new bifocals. I wear them well. What do you think?



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