Would you believe me if I told you that this will be a short blog? Probably not. It will be.

I am reminding you today that miracles happen. They might not be the miraculous events of The Bible that you witness. Like the parting of The Rea Sea, God raising Jesus from the dead, or Jesus healing the blind man.


Think about tiny miracles. Your husband completed his “honey do “ list on day one. Miracle! A child learned to say their first word after months of therapy. Miracle. You made it through work and didn’t get fired. Miracle. Don’t be so busy that you lose sight of the miracles that are happening around you.


I believe in miracles. My faith has proven that miracles exist. Last week I was believing God for something and the answer was no. That door was closed to me.

My faith told me that God’s timing is always perfect. I walked away and I didn’t have to find that miracle. The miracle found me. Always believe in the impossible. Erase doubt, because the sky is the limit for what you can have.


Love you all!

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